Shaft theme song here:

Here is a list of those I know that have allegedely gotten the Capstone shaft. I made this list so that you may be able to contact one another.

SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I’m talkin’ ’bout Shaft.

Sahoon Hahn – started in April. never completed work, Capstone overcharged them and also charged for unjustifiable extras
Donna Prisciandaro – stated Capstone  took 26k down payment in April 2015, has till not lifted house. They finally demanded money back and attorney sent letter out stating they demand refund in 10 days, as capstone stated that it would take another 30 days. Its been almost a  year and they have not done any work and they still have not refunded money Response from  you breached contract and you will have to speak with our attorney”
4 West Sperry Street, East Rockaway

Andrew and Christine Pollizi- Stated  Capstone took a lot of money and did shoddy work, grossly shoddy, demanded more money, they did not pay, so capstone ceased working. Capstone never paid subs. Homeowner received 4 liens supposedly this past week.
5 Fulton St W East Rockaway, New York 11518, United States

 Benjamin Grimaldi- same story here, asked for more money and  did not pay subcontractors, so job ground to halt. A deal was made that Capstone would have third party finish home.. In process of finishing with new contractor and hopefully he will be made whole. when he asked for waiver of lien, he was denied this and told him it was his right to have it and they said ” you breached contract and you will have to speak with our attorney”
54 Leewater ave Massapequa, ny 11758

Christine Vanderberg-same story- once they elevated the  house they wanted  full30% more to move forward. Homeowner refused on same grounds that I did- that elevation meant it was permanently elevated not floating in sky. This job only started moving again recently-Rapid seems to be new contractor is completing it.
55 Brahm Street, Amityville

Melissa and Ian Freeburg-Stated Capstone took deposit no work completed. They can’t move forward because of financial reasons and when they asked for refund they were given the typical,” you will have to speak with our attorney” hopefully they will get refund
15 Granada Ave North Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Vincent Amoroso-Same deal took money , never started no refund
60 Kent Road, Island Park

Nick V from Massapequa- stated Blair Rocchio signed his job in summer 2015 and took a 48K deposit at which time Lee Moser entered the picture. . Due to issues with his house status, homeowners was delayed in getting permits until late  2016. At this point Lee Moser told homeowner he merged with Gandolfo Contracting and was going to use Gandolfo’s license number.  Homeowner told me that he was later was informed in letter from Gandolfo that Lee actually was illegally using their name and license without approval. When homeowner questioned Lee, there was no good response and essentially homeowner is out the door 48K, 2 years later with no work even started.

Robin-stated Blair Rocchio signed job with no license and no insurance. She asked for money back on same day TV thing came out and not surprisingly he found the money to refund day later.

Lisa  L of Bellmore-  stated Blair Rocchio and Lee Moser signed her Capstone and then  they transferred  Gandolfo  Construction She stated she paid Gandolfo Construction 75K direct after paying Capstone $55K. States subs were not paid by Capstone and that Capstone took most of her $55k. It looks like Gandolfo’s license has been suspended or revoked as it comes up as not licensed under Nassau County Contractor

Christine English from Long Beach states in regards to Lee Moser” We were also defrauded by hm. He stole $35,000 from us and he did no work to our house. I am so sorry this happened to you as well. I have 2 little girls and we have been out of our house for over a year. We are in the process of trying to get the money back. We have a report with consumer affairs as well as a case with the district attorney. We started this process back in January. He gave us so many stories about why things are being delayed. He was supposed to finish my second bathroom for free because of his BS. Then after the holidays he just stopped returning our calls.
The whole experience has been a nightmare. I want him arrested so badly. It’s sad that people can be so disgusting