Has Capstone Remodeling of Smithtown NY, taken advantage of you?


Have you hired Capstone Remodeling of Smithtown NY,  represented by Lee Moser and Blair Rocchio to complete your home renovation/elevation in conjunction with the NYRising program?

Has your contractor

  1. consistently asked for money upfront at every phase even before work has been completed?
  2. not paid subcontractors the full amount owed and  informed you they were paid in full?
  3. tried to incur extras on items that are part of the general conditions of the project?
  4. consistently switched subcontractors based on whom is willing to work without deposit?
  5. supplied conflicting and changing information about the project’s completion?
  6. not met deadlines and promises made by the “Salesman”?
  7.  not supplied waivers of lien, invoices,  and cleared check for money spent?
  8. neglected to  manage project causing delays and  multiple visits

Any of this sound familiar?
If you are a homeowner that is having issues, specifically with Capstone Remodeling of Smithtown NY,  Lee Moser or Blair Rocchio, we would like to know.
David Ramroop 516-448-6221
67 Shore Road Amityville, NY 11701

And for more info you may visit the website detailing Blair Rocchio

22 thoughts on “Has Capstone Remodeling of Smithtown NY, taken advantage of you?

  1. the ahole was found guilty, but they just gave him slap on wrist Still i warned that fuck what would happen if he did not pay back the stolen money, and its come to pass. Nassau is going to lock him up and he is going to need some prep H.


  2. Yes of course You would say that considering you are on his facebook page as his friend ..BLAIR ROCCHIO took my deposit and signed my contract as vice president of capstone remodeling .. Shame on him and shame on you for writing how good he is . Get your fact straight 20 people can not be wrong about BLAIR ROCCHIO !!


  3. Blair Rocchio is getting a bad rap for Lee Mosler taking money from homeowners! Did a great job on my uncles house with a different company!!!


    • well that is in interesting as according to Nassau and Suffolk, Blair doesn’t license number to do the job. What company did the job?


  4. Wow I had Lee do some work for me about 3 years ago. Refinish a wood floor and counter tops. He approached me a little over a year ago with an investment into the NY Rising. He had a book which unfortunately I just threw away. In the book it had every property available for auction with an analysis of how much I could bid up to how much it would cost for him to repair and the potential profit on the resale. He was talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the homes. I did not invest because the only thing that was certain were his profits. I looked up a couple of the homes that he said would go for x dollars and the comps weren’t close. I suspect there may be many more people he has scammed. He did a full presentation in his office for me with power point presentation. He said there were other investors. Good Luck to all of you. I’ve had my experience with the Lee Moser’s of the world and got ripped off for 60k. In my case the contractor filed for bankruptcy and all of the sub contractors that he didn’t pay filed liens against my home. I didn’t have to pay them because I had the cancelled checks but it still cost me 15k in legal fees. Since he was a licensed contractor you may be able to file a complaint with the Dept of consumer affairs they have a fund for people who get scammed.
    Again good luck


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