T0 anyone entering into major home renovation, make sure you have a formal contract. the document supplied by most contractors is an agreement not a  contract. Have an attorney  prepare one, don’t rely on the polished-shoed salesman to cover your interests. Make sure it addressed some or all of the below

  1. set benchmarks for payment that are agreed upon ahead of time
  2. set time period for the above
  3. liquidated damages in contract
  4. indemnity and hold harmless section
  5. warranty section
  6. section that force head company to liable for any liens placed by the subcontractor
  7. clear scope of work with exclusions noted and also noted that if it is not in exclusion
  8. it is to be covered by contract
  9. clear list of materials fit and finishes
  10. personal guaranty

Here is my contract-it cover most everything feel free to use it.