Lee Moser may have used our money to buy a NYRising house

Courtesy of Newsday November 15, 2015
Lee Moser of Capstone Remodeling, of Nesconset, paid $175,000 for a West Islip property with a pre-storm value of $650,000. He intends to tear it down and rebuild an elevated house for sale.

“It’s right where I valued it,” he said. “The deals in Suffolk were good . . . the way I assessed them as a contractor is I need to make $100,000 on a house — I need to make money.”

Full article here

Actual house here

Update the house was bought by a company called 848 East Bay Ave inc. and sold for 100K more than what is bought for this summer. I wrote albany to get articles on incorporation and interestingly enough they are no offficer listed but the mailing address belong to Lee’s friend on Facebook, Richard Lawless. look it up. See info on title and company below as well as Lee’s facebook page with Lawless on it

848 East Bay Inc Certificate of Inc

848 East Bay Drive deed info

Screen clipping taken 7262016 624 PM

Update 2
victor giancola says:

Wow I had Lee do some work for me about 3 years ago. Refinish a wood floor and counter tops. He approached me a little over a year ago with an investment into the NY Rising. He had a book which unfortunately I just threw away. In the book it had every property available for auction with an analysis of how much I could bid up to how much it would cost for him to repair and the potential profit on the resale. He was talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the homes. I did not invest because the only thing that was certain were his profits. I looked up a couple of the homes that he said would go for x dollars and the comps weren’t close. I suspect there may be many more people he has scammed. He did a full presentation in his office for me with power point presentation. He said there were other investors. Good Luck to all of you. I’ve had my experience with the Lee Moser’s of the world and got ripped off for 60k. In my case the contractor filed for bankruptcy and all of the sub contractors that he didn’t pay filed liens against my home. I didn’t have to pay them because I had the cancelled checks but it still cost me 15k in legal fees. Since he was a licensed contractor you may be able to file a complaint with the Dept of consumer affairs they have a fund for people who get scammed.



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