New 12 finally posted story about Lee Moser and Capstone

Sandy victims claim Smithtown based contractor scammed them

Updated: Jul19, 2017 3:57 PM EDT
EAST ROCKAWAY- Some Superstorm Sandy victims are telling News 12 Long Island that they were scammed out of thousands of dollars by a Smithtown-based contractor.
The Polizzi family In East Rockaway say they are one of dozens of families that wene scammed by Lee Moser, the owner of Capstone Remodeling.
Andrew Polizzi says Capstone was not able to pay subcon1ractors they hired and performed shoddy wortmanship.
‘Eventually, the work wounded down to when they came and boarded up my house and left meand my family homeless; says Polizzi.
There are multiple complaints and violations listed In SUffolk and Nassau’s consumer affairs depar1ments against the company. The company had its license suspended in both counties.
News 12 has reached out to Mr. Moser for a comment on this story.

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