Nassau and Suffolk need work as a team

We have given both counties the info on both Lee and Blair and Mims in January 2016,. We, the afflicted, have basically spoon-fed them the  info.  I have offered to give them everything-literally everything. articles of inc, 30 title, liens, judgements, email, texts, background checks, recording, videos.  A  child can rule on this case yet no one seems interested or competent enough to follow the data.Since then nothing has been done and several more homeowners have been given the Capstone shaft. Each county disregards the other’s investigation and it seems they have  no desire to communicate with each other. So instead of getting this moved up state levels or even Federal as it is Federal Money they each do their own thing at their own pace

This is getting a bit ridiculous when a guy steals a car they arrest him. Yet  conmen take  ten thousands and they are allowed to walk free. God forbid I don’t pay my quarterly and Suffolk is down here within 3 months.

Attorney General Schneiderman’s office needs to get on this

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