Finally, progress with the state

Well after what seems like forever, the Nassau county DA picked this up and I am expecting the Suffolk country DAs to pick up soon.
From what I have been told by Suffolk county, Lee’s license will be pulled in Suffolk on account of not paying his Suffolk county fine, nor repaying me or the other Suffolk victim.

Looks like we have some forward movement and that both county and state will be investigating him. For good measure I called FBI an did a report there as well as this falls under their Jurisdiction as well.

So what now. I am thinking let’s continue to push to expedite Lee to his future home, servicing his new boyfried Bubba, at Fishkill Correctional Facility. And maybe we will even get some money out of him too.bubba

I have put in call to Debra Siegler, Paralegal at Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection in Hauppauge 516-231-2401  to follow up on with the Attorney Generals office today, and will be  contacting the Suffolk County ADA Complaint evaluation specialist- Jean Paprocky 631-853-5602 tomorrow.

Assuming Congressman Peter King (516) 541-4225 is still around I will be contacting their office as well to get him to move Schneiderman.

I did not put these numbers here for my own benefit. I already have them. feel free to call em yourself and harass them. Theoretically they work for us.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

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